Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Updates, Updates and More Updates

I've been a slacker of a sister and not updating the blog, but I will try and be better for future updates! Sorry peeps.

Elder Neal is doing really good! He has been very busy with zone conferences and teaching. He still is feeling homesick, but he got to hang out with his mission president for a couple days so that really helped him. Here's what he had to say about the last 2 weeks...

Ok well this last week went pretty good:) The only crappy thing is that it has been sooooo hot the last couple of days!! The heat sucks the life right out of me!! I have to buy a drink like every 20 min!! Last Monday i went to some really cool waterfall place:) My comp and i decided that we are going to baptize someone there!! We got 2 people to commit to baptism on the 5th!! so we are really hoping it will happen!! Honestly this week we did a lot of teaching and just trying to find people:) This week we found a lot of new investigators! But most of them are either bust all the time something went down and they don't want it anymore! But we don't look back! only forward!! Nothing too exciting!! sorry!!:( haha We did bike like 10 miles to teach this family for like 15 min and then biked 10 miles back! haha but it was worth it!:) Me and my comp have a vision of baptizing at a waterfall!! so we have been looking for the people!! We have a couple of candidates haha 
We have a couple other people who want to be baptized but they still need to do some stuff to prepare:) But we  have been doing pretty good and have been reaching our goals:) It was a pretty good week apart from the heat and the home sickness!:) 

This is from this week...

Well hello everyone!!:) I love you all so much and miss you like crazy!!! This week has been pretty good:) It started off normal. we had some good lessons with our investigators:) We are hopefully baptizing ping!! And we had a really good lesson with Jacob as well. Jacob is the Chinese Guy:) There was a big storm that came in on Tuesday night! It was sweet! Lots of raining and lightning!!! It was sweet!! Then on Tuesday we took a 5 hour bus ride to Chang Mai. Its a big city with tons of tourists!! It was weird seeing so many white people hahah!!! I was there for a zone conference and it was cool! We just got some training from Pres. Senior:) I got to have a interview with Pres. and it was really good:) I had a lot of time to go out and see the city! So that was fun!:) The night life in Thailand is crazy!! especially in a big city!! so yea the trip was way fun! We went and did this thing where the fish nibble on your feet haha!! it was way weird!! Just like in top gear shandy and austin haha. So yea then i just got back last night at like 10. So it was a pretty good week:)

This is the place he really wants to baptize someone. 

Keyen and his "sick MJ shirt" He also pointed out that his hair normally doesn't look like this. 

Fish Spa!!
 He is really excited for Easter as well and he said he wasn't sure when they would be watching conference, but I am really glad that he is so strong. I love how he talk about Christ. He talks about him like he is a close friend, which he really his, but I know Keyen truly believes it :)
He finally got a bunch of letters form all of us how sent him some, so that was good too!
PLEASE keep sending letters and email to all of those who have! It means the world to him.
Also I thought this was way funny but he bought a Guitar and he is determined to learn to play. My mom was a bit annoyed and asked him how much it was and he simply stated..."Relax is was only 20 bucks. 20 dollars goes a long way in Thailand." Haha I love that my mom and him still have these conversations over email!

Let us all remember the true purpose for Keyen's service. He is out there in the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ lives and he is perfect. I want to remember that more this year. I  am so grateful for my brother sharing this truth with others.

We love you Elder Neal! Stay strong and Happy EASTER!!!

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