Monday, November 21, 2016

3 Weeks!!!

We only have 3 more times to email Keyen and then he will be home!!

"This week was solid! Had the lantern festival and then a double baptism on Sunday!! hahah Not much more I could ask for honestly!! I love and miss you all!!"


Monday, November 14, 2016

One Month Left...ALMOST

"Yo what up everyone! I hope you are all doing good! Its getting really close to being done now which Is a crazy thought! I've gotten so accustomed to this country and culture! It will be weird saying back to this place! This past weekend the church celebrated its 50th year anniversary in Thailand. They had a really cool fireside last night. a bunch of the first missionaries in Thailand and old mission presidents talked and it was really cool! The best part was that Members from all over Thailand came down for the celebration so Ia got to see so many people i worked with over the last 2 years! It was so awesome!! Yesterday we also had a baptism which was way sweet! The girl who got baptized is really cool and a really strong testimony of prayer and heavenly father! So that was sweet! This week I also got to go to a different province to visit my companion's family:) It was really fun to go out there! We really didn't do much but it was fun anyway! haha This week I had a meeting with PJ about going home. He has us all making this big plan of what we are going to do When we get home. So I've been working on that as well. But Its been an eventful week! which is way better than a slow week! I love and miss you all and hope you are all doing well!!

                                               Love, Keyen"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Son of God

"Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing good!!! My week has been alright! haha It has been super hot and I've spent many hours out in the heat inviting people! Its been a bit rough lately in finding new people to teach! Needless to say we have managed to find these two new people who are great!! I'm hoping they will progress well. This week i found a scripture that i really loved!! Its 2 Corinthians 8-9. It just says that we may have troubles and surrounded by darkness but we are not defeated. I love that! Sometimes we may feel we have to much for us to handle, but we can. We may be tired and weary but never give up!! No matter what it is!!:) We can overcome all things! All opposition!! The reason why we can overcome all is because the The Son Of God as already overcome all things. So never give up! Remember Hollands' last conference talk, "keep loving, keep trying, keep trusting, keep believing, keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow and forever." I love you all!!:) Be safe and have a good week!!:)

                                  Love, Keyen"

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Keyen!

Hello everyone!!:) Whats up?? How is everything going? I hope everyone is doing good:) My week was pretty crazy! Well I finally have a new apartment. Its way nice in a huge Apartment building! Im on the 33rd floor:) So thats cool:) The view at night is way cool! So the whole finding a house thing took a while but its finally done:) I finally after over a year of having issues with my toes, I got the bill of health from the Doctor! So thats way awesome! I no longer have to go to the dang doctors office anymore!!:) This week we had a good with our best investigator about the restoration:) So that was good:) Also 2 people that I found and taught in Thonburi got baptized yesterday!!:) So thats way awesome!!:) Really nothing too exciting has happened. But now im all settled in here so that will be good. I Just want you all to  know that The Jesus loves you. He is always here with us. He has told us that " in the world ye shall have tribulation, But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." Because he overcame everything, We too can overcome everything!:) I love and miss you all! Be safe and be happy!!!:)

                                                 Love, Keyen

 Keyen's friend Eark made him this awesome cake!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Last Transfer to Pakret

"Hello everyone! I hope all is going well at home with everyone!! I love and miss you all!! So my week has been pretty crazy! I moved to another area! So Im still in Bangkok but just in a different district. Its called Pakret. Its way cool! Ive been to this area a bunch of times before. The members here are way cool too!! So thats exciting! I am actually opening a new area here so that has been fun! Ive been trying to find a place for us to live for the past couple of days! Right now im in a apartment that is the size of my room at home with 4 Elders there with off of our stuff! haha I sleep on a little air mattress! So thats been fun! haha not really. But I think Ive found the new place we will live:) Its a way nice Place!! It even has a dryer! I havent used a dryer in year and 8 months!! haha I teach English 2 nights a week now which i think is way fun! I have to teach the kids class! They are so wild!! But its been a good week! I am excited to see what this area has to bring! I listened to the area 70 of Thailand speak yesterday and he talked about why we need to have a testimony of Joseph Smith. It was a awesome Talk!! I know That Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly father and Jesus Christ and tat he is a prophet of God. We all need to strengthen our testimony of the truthfulness of  Joseph Smith And of The Book Of Mormon. Thats the keystone of our religion! I love and Miss you all!! Be safe and have a good week!!
                                      Love, Keyen"

Bro. Golf A guy a taught 1 year ago!! hes doing great!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Enjoy the Ride

"Yo what up everyone?? hows everyone doing?? I hope all is well!! I hope you all are enjoying watching the USA Dominate the Olympics!! hahah well my week has been pretty good:) I had the opprotunity to go and visit a lot of members at their houses:) Thats always quite the adventure around here!:) hahah I had  training this week that was pretty fun. Well, as fun as a training meeting can be at least haha. Its been really hot here too!! Its been kinda rainy but no really hahah. Yesterday We went to a members house that was really far away! But a ton of other members were there! I just hung out with the stake pres. the whole night! he is so funny! he has been working on making a full Ironman suit! hahah he has a lot of it finished but he is to fat to fit in it! hahah He makes it with this 3D printer thing he has! hahah So that was sweet! But it was a good busy week! Being in a Trio has been way fun! Both my comps are way sweet!! It will suck when we are not together anymore!! hahah It was a good week!! My word of the week was การผจญภัย which means Adventure!! hahah to wrap up everything i will share a quote from my favorite snowboarder "adventure is what you make of it. And whether its the travel, the discovery or just the feeling of letting go, The only way to find out is to get out there and do it. ENJOY THE RIDE" -Travis Rice

I love and miss you all!!! Enjoy the Ride!!:)

 Love, Keyen"

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Lord is Watching Over Us

Probably one of my favorite updates from Keyen :)

"Hey everyone!!:) I hope you are all doing well!:) Im doing pretty good:) So my week has gone by really fast!! But It was a good week. So I didn't get transferred which was way nice! I also stayed with my same Companion! So thats also way good!! PJ really hooked it up this transfer! haha. I had another week with a couple of opportunities to give blessings:) I went to visit this Family and the husband and wife both asked me to bless them. They were both stressed and they have to be apart a lot cause of the husbands work so that was good. Then I went to teach this poor investigator who is really having a hard time. He has panic attacks all the time and is so worried and scared of everything. He had to go the Hospital a lot to get help and he was just in bad shape. He really wants to get baptized but cant because he cant quit smoking. So we taught him about the priesthood. After teaching he asked me to give him a blessing. It was a very powerful blessing. I used words in Thai that Ive never used before. Only words Ive seen or heard. The spirit was defiantly there. After the blessing Bro. Teb ( the investigator) Said "we just went to heaven didn't we?" So way cool experience. I really hope he will have enough Faith to allow the blessing come to him:) I did a lot of Inviting this week trying to get some new investigators! They didn't come from the inviting hahaha but they did come!:) So thats way good! I would like to share a quick little spiritual thought with you all today! In life we will all face opposition. Sometimes is is not to big but other times it may seem to much to bear. Whatever it is, the savior can lift us up. He will life our burdens. He may not entirely remove the problem but he will strengthen us so we can endure and overcome. The lord is always watching over us. He knows us and loves us. He wants us to learn and grow and be happy. Since being a missionary I have needed to rely on the Lord more than ever. I could not have made it this far without his divine help and guidance. I know that the lord loves us all. And is anxiously waiting to help us and poor out blessing upon us. All we need to do is simply, ASK. I love and miss you all!! I hope you all have a good week:) Be safe!!

                                                Love, Keyen"