Monday, August 15, 2016

Enjoy the Ride

"Yo what up everyone?? hows everyone doing?? I hope all is well!! I hope you all are enjoying watching the USA Dominate the Olympics!! hahah well my week has been pretty good:) I had the opprotunity to go and visit a lot of members at their houses:) Thats always quite the adventure around here!:) hahah I had  training this week that was pretty fun. Well, as fun as a training meeting can be at least haha. Its been really hot here too!! Its been kinda rainy but no really hahah. Yesterday We went to a members house that was really far away! But a ton of other members were there! I just hung out with the stake pres. the whole night! he is so funny! he has been working on making a full Ironman suit! hahah he has a lot of it finished but he is to fat to fit in it! hahah He makes it with this 3D printer thing he has! hahah So that was sweet! But it was a good busy week! Being in a Trio has been way fun! Both my comps are way sweet!! It will suck when we are not together anymore!! hahah It was a good week!! My word of the week was การผจญภัย which means Adventure!! hahah to wrap up everything i will share a quote from my favorite snowboarder "adventure is what you make of it. And whether its the travel, the discovery or just the feeling of letting go, The only way to find out is to get out there and do it. ENJOY THE RIDE" -Travis Rice

I love and miss you all!!! Enjoy the Ride!!:)

 Love, Keyen"

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