Saturday, December 26, 2015

Skype Date & Update

Prepare yourself for a sappy post and a lot of bragging about Elder Neal :)

Christmas Eve night we got to skype Keyen and it was AWESOME to say the least! He looks great and he seems to be doing really well. I was surprised that none of us cried, besides Sadie haha! The first time we skyped we all pretty much cried, but I think Keyen is really in missionary mode. We got to talk to him for about 3 1/2 hours! President Johnson trusts his missionaries to be responsible for how long they spent online. He Skyped us from a computer lab in his area and his other companions had their own computer as well so they all got to Skype for quite awhile. He of course misses home but he says that he is so busy that he really doesn't have time to think about anything else and it makes the time go by way fast.

Keyen is still in the same area he was last transfer. He said that it's kind of scary because it's a very poor area. And he is still with his companion that he was training and he really likes him too :) So far his favorite place was Bang Kane which is an area in Bangkok. He likes being in the big city and he also had his best teaching and baptism experience there. The members in Thailand are amazing!! There may not be a lot but they are very special people. They LOVE the missionaries.

Keyen's mission president is also a way cool guy. President Johnson, they call him PJ, is probably the most busy mission president ever. First of all the Bangkok, Thailand mission covers the entire county of Thailand plus parts of surrounding countries. So President Johnson is constantly traveling. Even though the numbers of members is growing, he has to act as a stake president a lot of the time for all these members across the county. He's pretty sweet and Keyen has a special relationship with him. He really likes him :) I feel like I know him and I love him for sharing his great knowledge with Keyen.

He told us some really great stories and funny things about other missionaries and spiritual stories about investigators. members etc. He also read us some scriptures in Thai which I though was pretty neat that he can read Thai so well. He is also working on writing Thai, which if you have seen Thai that is pretty crazy!! His Thai language is awesome! I asked him how comfortable he felt speaking Thai and he said "I could live comfortably in Thailand if I needed to." haha! He says he is already planning on going to visit when later in life haha!

So some words of advice from Elder Neal? He said LOVE! Love one another because that is what Jesus said and that is what he wants us to do. To love everyone because that is what sets us apart from other people and that's all that matters. He also said to remember that the Savior is always with us and that he has taken care of everything. There is no need to worry because everything will work out.

Now it's time to brag big time about my brother. Keyen is such a great missionary because he is a great young man. His personality has also made him a greater missionary and person.For those who know Keyen well, he is not like other guys his age. He never has been. Keyen connects well with all kinds of people from all walks of life. He doesn't judge either. He also is very observant and has a great instinct of what is right and wring, true and false. All of those characteristics make up a great missionary as well.

At the end of our skyping we all felt really happy and it wasn't such a heart wrenching experience to say goodbye because we all know that Keyen is happy and he is where he needs to be. Plus he only has about a year left!!! And then before we knew it, he was gone. We will get to skype him again in May and then he will most likely be home in time for next Christmas!! Yay! So I think it's safe say and I think my family would agree, that Keyen is a pretty spectacular missionary and young man. And we couldn't be more proud of him.

Merry Christmas to all of you who are thinking of and supporting Elder Neal. I know he can feel your love so don't forget about him :)

Stay strong Keyen! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One year down...almost!

You guys we are so close to the one year mark!! I cannot believe it! Elder Neal is doing well and we are all so excited to Skype with him on Christmas Eve :)

Here is the latest from Keyen...

"Hey everyone! I hope all is well with you all!!:) This week was a good week! It was a busy week. I have to make a trip down to Bangkok for a conference. Basically all we did at the conference was fun Christmas games. It was way fun! Then I ended up going to Bangkok a second time for a trip to the doctors! So I did a lot of traveling! Which is good and bad:) My companions birthday was this week! So we went out to dinner and ate some good food. There was also a big event that happened this week in all of Thailand. It was called bike for Dad:) They did it to support the King:) So yea that was pretty cool. It basically was just a big bike riding event throughout the whole country. So there were a lot of things going on this week! On pday last week we just went and played basketball. Yesterday after church my favorite members took us on a picknick! haha it was way fun! Transfers are this week! I really hope I stay here! But I might be leaving! I find out tomorrow!! So hopefully all will b well!:) Well thats about all the excitement from this week!:) I love and miss you all!!!

                       Love, Keyen:)"

We love and miss you so much Keyen! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally an Update

Sorry for not updating the blog for those who read it.

Here's the latest fro Elder Neal...

Hey everyone! hope all is well! Im doing pretty good:) This week went by really fast. This week it was hard to find new investigators but we did make good progress with the people we already have. One thing that was cool was, this less active lady who we have been working with came to church yesterday for the first time in a very long time!!! So that was awesome! Hopefully she will keep on coming! Probably the most exciting thing that happened was when i went to the doctor for my ingrown toenail. The doctor gave me some shots and pulled it out! It hurt so bad!! I need to go back this week to do the other one but not sure if im down! haha Last pday i got to hold a monkey! It was way cool!! There is a way cool festival coming up this week. In some places they let off floating lanterns and in other places they but these little boats on the river:) I thing they do the river thing here so that will be way cool! So yea I am doing well. I love and miss you all! You are all in my prayers!!:) Be safe!!

Love, Keyen

Monday, October 12, 2015

Solid Week

"Well whats up everyone!! I hope you all are doing good!!:) My week was a pretty solid week:) Nothing too exciting happened because we basically spent everyday at the church teaching people:) So Im missionary terms it was a very good productive week! But not really exciting for the viewers haha  My companions are way good guys! But now we are used to being in a threesome Its time for me to get my New companion! haha I will get him on tuesday night! The Pres. Gave me special permission to go to the airport with him so i can be there when he flys in!!:) haha so that will be way fun!! The highlight of the week was watching conference! It was way good! We watched it in the clerks office on the computer while the members watched it in Thai in the Sacrament room. It was funny because our room was way small and we were blasting the AC so it got way cold in there! It was so cold that there was fog on the window. So all the members thought it was way funny!! They knew where to find the Elders, just follow the cold air cause thats where we will be haha. I had 2 encounters with Giant spiders in my house this week!! I freaking hate it!! They are freaky looking spiders too and about the size of my hand!! hahan Well all in all it was a good week:) Im excited to train a new missionary but also way nervous! Hopefully all will go well! Well I love and miss you all! You are all in my prayers!!:)

                          Love, Keyen"
Watching conference! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Moving to Monkey City

I couldn't be more proud of Elder Neal this week. Being asked to be a trainer is a big deal! That means that Keyen isn't only excelling in the gospel but he is also doing well in the Thai language, teaching skills, following mission rules and by being an over all good example! I'm so happy that he is really taking his mission experience to the max! Way to go Keyen!

Keyen was a bit sad to leave his previous area because he had such a good experience with a particular family there. He mentioned in a letter that he felt that this family was the reason that he was sent to Thailand and if he didn't baptize anyone else on his mission he wouldn't care because of what he was able to do for this family. But he is looking forward to many more great experiences and is ready to continue to serve the Lord.

Here's what he said about the week...

"Hey everyone! Whats up?? I hope you all are doing good! So my week was a very interesting one:) So I got transferred to a new area! I was way sad to leave my last area! But i got the call I was moving! Then the day before transfers I got a call from the Pres. .   He asked me if I would train a new missionary. So I said yea:) haha But then he said that the new missionary Ill be training wont be In Thailand for another two weeks:) So I got put into a new area with 2 other elders:) Once my new guy gets here ill be training him here:) So Im in a area called Lopburi. It is knows as the City of Monkeys! So in the main part of the city there are Monkeys everywhere!! Its seriously like planet of the apes!! The Monkeys are scary! They are wild and will steal stuff and bite if you dont give them food!! haha so that will be great fun! So one of my companions is a piano Master! He seriously is crazy! He told me to pick any three keys on the piano and he would make a song using those three notes as the main thing. So i picked three and he on the spot played this sick song!! I was blown away!! We played that game for a while!! haha Ive had the chance to met a lot of members here and they are all great! Such amazing members here in Thailand!! So thats about all i have for today! I love you all! You are always in my prayers!!:)

                                        Love, Keyen"

Keyen's favorite Tennis player Rafa Nadal was in Thailand last week so Keyen was pretty excited. 

One of Keyen's new companions Elder Erk. 

The missionary's home in Lopburi 

Missing you a lot Key but I am so happy that you are doing so well in Thailand. The Lord is looking out for you and is pleased with your work. 
We love you Elder Neal! Stay strong and work hard! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hitting The 9 Month Mark!

It's so crazy to think that Elder Neal will have been on his mission 9 months on Thursday! Somedays it seams like it has gone by fast and others still seam to go by slowly.

Even though we miss Keyen a lot, we all know with all out hearts that Thailand is where he needs to be.

Here's the latest update...

"Hey whats up everyone!! I hope all of you are doin good!!:) So this week was pretty good:) This week I had a Zone conference and got some training from the Pres. Pres Johnson ( pj is what we call him or papa J) is the man!! He gave us some cool training on Fractal Geometry. Fractal Geometry is basically a method of breaking things down to help you achieve goals. So that was way good:) I got to see a lot of other missionaries that i know so that was fun too. Well After zone conference a really cool thing happened! It was freaking hot outside and we had Zero appointments so we just walked around outside inviting people all day. But at one point We were roasted so we decided to go inside this little mall. Well we went in and went to the bathroom and then started to leave. I had just got on the escalator when i saw a man waving me over. So i jumped off the escalator and went over to him. He spoke really good english and told me to take a seat and talk with him. He was in the middle of eating lunch. He asked me if i was surprised that he called me over. So Then he said" I know a few things about your church. Ive read the book of mormon. I have about 3 copies of it. But i want you to tell me something special." So i asked him if he believed the things he read in the BOM. He said he thinks its true. So I told him that if the BOM is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet and if he is a prophet then this church is true. Then i asked him if he had ever prayed to know if these things were true. He said he had not. So i said well ask him. He said. ' Good Idea" haha so yea that was a cool thing that happened:) Well other than that it was a pretty normal week:) I love you all! You are all in my heart and prayers!! I love you!!

                          Love, Keyen"

Keyen says this Lady is "crazy" She is always trying to get him to eat things haha!  

Stay strong Elder Neal!! We love and miss you so much!! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8 months & Counting

Hello friends! Elder Neal has officially made the 8 month mark! I am so proud of him! I can't wait until we can finally make the one year mark!

Also I have a special request. Keyen's birthday is Saturday so is you find the time to just send him an email by Sunday wishing him Happy Birthday I know it would mean a lot to him.

Yes I know I didn't update the blog last week, so this will be yet again a double week post update.


"Hey everyone!! Whats up?? How are you all doing?? I hope all is well at home and everything is going smoothly:) Well its been a while since my last email!! And a lot of things have happened!! Elder Holland came and it was awesome!! On Saturday he spoke to just us missionaries and it was awesome!! He basically thew down and told all of us to make sure that we at least get one convert on our mission... Ourselves. It was way awesome!! He said so many funny things too! It was just awesome! Then on Sunday all The members in Thailand came to a huge meeting to hear him speak. His Talk there was way cool!! After that it was getting close to transfers!! So i was scared that i would move and get a new companion! Well my worst fears became a reality! I got a new companion!! Luckily I stayed in my same area but i did get a new companion! His Name is Elder Hilton. He is very interesting haha Pretty much the complete opposite of my last one! But hopefully everything will work out! We have three people to be baptized next Sunday! The is this grandma lady who is the mother of the person we baptized a couple of weeks ago! Then the other to are the children of this less active member who has just started to come back! He is so awesome!! Hes the cutest dude ever! And his kids are way good! They are 15 and 17 years old! So hopefully all goes well!:) The only other real exciting thing is that last night Elder Hilton locked us out of our bedroom! We don't have a key to that door!! haha so we called the security guys and they tried to open it. Eventually I ended up kicking the door open! It was way funny!:) So yea that's about all i got!! I love you guys! You are all in my prayers!! 

                     LOVE, Keyen:)"

"Hey everyone!! how the heck are you!!:) This last week was very busy!! But all the work payed off!:) This week was really rainy! It rained almost everyday! But regardless of the rain we were able to go to teach this family a few times:) They live pretty far away so we have to take a taxi there. But The dad and mom are members but the two kids are not. The Mom and dad went LA for about 8 years and have just barely started coming back! The dad is sooo amazing! His testimony is insane!! They live in the scariest place I've every seen. Its a big run down building and they rent like 4 rooms there. There are quite a few of them living there. Really poor living conditions, But every time i go there I see the Bro. Sagone ( the dad) Reading the scriptures. He always gives us some water and his two kids come and we teach them. Well after teaching them this week they were ready to be baptized! And they were yesterday!! The Dad baptized his two kids! It was sooo cool!!:) 

    Yesterday also Another one of our investigators got baptized! She is way awesome!~ She is about 65 years old and is way smart! She just understands everything so easily!:) Her daughter was baptized about three weeks ago! So its been way cool to see these families get closer and closer to being together forever!:) 

 Other than that its been a pretty normal week:) This Thursday i get to be reunited with my favorite companion! Elder luker and I are both going to the doctor together for our skin. We asked the mission pres if we could just make it a all day and night switch off and he said heck yea!!! haha He is such a awesome guy!! So that will be way fun!:) Well everyone i love and miss you all!:) Remember that Heavenly father is always there with you. He will help you through anything and everything! I love you!!

                       Love, Keyen:)"

We love you Elder Neal!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Double the Update Means Double the Work

Again this will be a 2 week update.

Here is an update from 8/2/2015

"Well Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing good!! Ive been missing everyone a lot lately!! But it all good:) So this week was a pretty boring week honestly haha. I went Bowling on Monday again and Killed it!! I bowled a 150!! Idk what happened haha. So this week in Thailand it was a Holiday so it was hard to meet with people and stuff but we still managed to have a good productive week:) We got a few New investigators and we helped one of our investigators get baptized yesterday! So that was awesome!!:) Oh i also made another stop at the dealership and took a look at the Porche 918!!!! Freaking crazy!!! But yea just another busy week!! this week is looking pretty good! We should have another Baptism On Sunday so that will be great!!:) The Lords is preparing so many people!! I love and miss you all!! i hope all is well! You are all in my prayers!!:) Stay strong and true!! Remember to love each other always!!:)

                                                     Love, Keyen...... THE STIG"

I kind laugh to myself when my brother who is on a 2 year mission in Thailand is telling me to be "Strong" and "True" because I feel like I should be telling him that, which I do, but honestly we all are on our own missions battling the same adversary. We all need to be Strong and True everyday of our lives.

Brother Golf quit smoking and drinking so he could get baptized. 
Keyen Loves Elder Luker 

Eating dinner with some members 

Keyen told us Sunday that this coming up week is going to be super busy because this is the week Elder Holland is coming. He also had another really great and he also had another baptism! I'm so proud of him! I can tell he is really enjoying his time in the city and I know that his companion is also great. It looks like they have a lot of fun together but also work hard.

It amazes me that my brother has accomplished so much in the 7 months that he has been gone. I often think to myself could I do what he has chosen to do? For us here in Utah I think because we are so used to young men leaving home for 2 years is so normal, that we forget how serious this is. I respect any person who has been, panning on going or is currently serving right now. Truly I am grateful will all my heart for all of you.

Also another thing that amazes me is these people who have been getting baptized. Why do people quit smoking or drinking just to be baptized? Why do people change when they have come to know the gospel? The answer is simple. They have had their own personal revelation that this is Christ's church. I know how they feel. I am by no means perfect and even my brother who is a FULL TIME missionary isn't perfect but what we know is that this church is true and it is the answer to all things. That is why I am passionate about my beliefs and why I will defend them, That's why my brother is away from all of us for 2 years.

Not gonna lie I actually feel bad for that Tiger, but he did get to touch one haha! 

Getting Ice Cream with some members 

This is Bow. Keyen really likes him because he also likes the Black Keys and Vampire Diaries! 

This is Sister Bell. One of Keyen's and Elder Lukers's investigators that got baptized last week. 

I say this every time I post on the blog and I will keep saying it till my brother is home...I love you Elder Neal! I am so proud and grateful for you. Work hard and stay strong!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Moving Right Along

Sorry for being a slacker and not posting last week. I will make this post a big one!

It's almost been 7 months!!

Here's from 2 weeks ago...Keyen shared a letter that he wrote to his mission president...

"Hey Pres. Johnson! I hope all is well with you! I am doing pretty good. Elder luker and i have a few solid investigators who will be baptized here pretty soon. I love being with Elder Luker! We get along so well. I had a really cool thing happen this week. We were teaching a lesson and our investigator was really struggling with some big trials. He did not understand why God would want us to suffer. I didn't say anything because the words weren't coming to me so i was quiet for the whole lesson. But then Elder Luker told me to tell him about how Satan sucks haha. So I looked at the investigator and suddenly i started telling him a story about my own life. I told him that God loves us and gives us trials for a reason. I told him that Jesus knows exactly how he feels and he knows exactly how to help us. I talked for probably like 8 min. I didn't even know what i was saying half the time. After I was done. It was really quiet. Then our investigator tuned to me and just said thank you. Then we ended the lesson. This investigator was really strong but then disappeared for a while. But now he is back and is making great progress. That was the best part of my week. Thank you for all you do for me and all of the missionaries in Thailand, Loas, and Burma.

- Love, Elder Neal"

Also on his P day he got to look at some of the most expense nice cars in the world....Which is pretty much Keyen's personal heaven!

This is from yesterday...

"Hey everyone!! I hope you a;; are doing good!! I miss you all! Well, This last week was a pretty good week! I felt like it flew by!! Nothing to crazy happened but we were just really busy. On p day we went bowling which was a real rush haha! In fact we are probably going again today!! This week We taught a crap ton of lessons!! SAnd it paid off! Yesterday 2 of our investigators got Baptized and it was awesome!! We have another lined up for next week! So the work is coming along good:) After a long week we went over to my companions grandmas house:) My companion is half Thai. His whole moms side of his family lives in this area! So its way cool to go visit them!:) His grandma is so sweet:) She always feeds us and stuff haaha. So that was way cool! So yea im doing pretty good:) I miss home and everyone there so much but im getting through it:) I love you all!!:)
- LOVE , Keyen"

Sorry for this fast post. Thanks to everyone who is reading the blog and supporting Keyen.

We love you Elder Neal!

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Adventures in Bankane

I could not wait to talk to Keyen yesterday.I was so anxious to hear the new place he was going to be serving in. 
Here's what Keyen had to say about the week...

"Wow!! Its been a crazy week!! So I got the call i was moving right after email last week! I was way sad and nervous! My last 2 days in KPP were really good and we accomplished a lot!! Saying goodbye to all of the members way way hard!! It really did suck leaving KPP! The whole drive to Bangkok i was worried about where i was going and who my companion would be. So before transfer meeting i just talked to the Elders who i knew and it was fun just talking to everyone:) I then found out where i was going and who my companion was gonna be!! Im not in Bangkok! My area of Bangkok is called Bankane. Its way cool and the members are really cool and all speak amazing English haha!! I live in a huge building on the 22nd floor! it is a way small apartment and there are four of us i it but its not to bad:) there is a gym where i can do my p90x which i way cool! My companion is Elder Luker... and he is sooo awesome!! he is my best friend!! we both love the same things!! So that's been so cool! we have already decided that we will be each-others best man at our weddings haha! We also got news that Elder Holland is coming to Thailand!! So will will get to have a special meeting with him!! Im a little scared haha but it will be awesome!! Its been a good week!! I hoping it will continue to be awesome here in Bankane!:) I love and miss you all!!:)"

I was so happy for Elder Neal! What a blessing that he has got such a great companion for his first transfer. I hope I  meet this Elder Luker someday! How cool Elder Holland is going to Thailand!! I would be nervous to see him too haha! Keyen has met him before when he was in a program for a Scouts celebration. I wonder if Elder Holland will remember him. 

The New apartment. A lot different than KKP haha! 

We love you Keyen! As always I am so proud for all you do and for working so hard!

Stay strong!!