Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Double the Update Means Double the Work

Again this will be a 2 week update.

Here is an update from 8/2/2015

"Well Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing good!! Ive been missing everyone a lot lately!! But it all good:) So this week was a pretty boring week honestly haha. I went Bowling on Monday again and Killed it!! I bowled a 150!! Idk what happened haha. So this week in Thailand it was a Holiday so it was hard to meet with people and stuff but we still managed to have a good productive week:) We got a few New investigators and we helped one of our investigators get baptized yesterday! So that was awesome!!:) Oh i also made another stop at the dealership and took a look at the Porche 918!!!! Freaking crazy!!! But yea just another busy week!! this week is looking pretty good! We should have another Baptism On Sunday so that will be great!!:) The Lords is preparing so many people!! I love and miss you all!! i hope all is well! You are all in my prayers!!:) Stay strong and true!! Remember to love each other always!!:)

                                                     Love, Keyen...... THE STIG"

I kind laugh to myself when my brother who is on a 2 year mission in Thailand is telling me to be "Strong" and "True" because I feel like I should be telling him that, which I do, but honestly we all are on our own missions battling the same adversary. We all need to be Strong and True everyday of our lives.

Brother Golf quit smoking and drinking so he could get baptized. 
Keyen Loves Elder Luker 

Eating dinner with some members 

Keyen told us Sunday that this coming up week is going to be super busy because this is the week Elder Holland is coming. He also had another really great and he also had another baptism! I'm so proud of him! I can tell he is really enjoying his time in the city and I know that his companion is also great. It looks like they have a lot of fun together but also work hard.

It amazes me that my brother has accomplished so much in the 7 months that he has been gone. I often think to myself could I do what he has chosen to do? For us here in Utah I think because we are so used to young men leaving home for 2 years is so normal, that we forget how serious this is. I respect any person who has been, panning on going or is currently serving right now. Truly I am grateful will all my heart for all of you.

Also another thing that amazes me is these people who have been getting baptized. Why do people quit smoking or drinking just to be baptized? Why do people change when they have come to know the gospel? The answer is simple. They have had their own personal revelation that this is Christ's church. I know how they feel. I am by no means perfect and even my brother who is a FULL TIME missionary isn't perfect but what we know is that this church is true and it is the answer to all things. That is why I am passionate about my beliefs and why I will defend them, That's why my brother is away from all of us for 2 years.

Not gonna lie I actually feel bad for that Tiger, but he did get to touch one haha! 

Getting Ice Cream with some members 

This is Bow. Keyen really likes him because he also likes the Black Keys and Vampire Diaries! 

This is Sister Bell. One of Keyen's and Elder Lukers's investigators that got baptized last week. 

I say this every time I post on the blog and I will keep saying it till my brother is home...I love you Elder Neal! I am so proud and grateful for you. Work hard and stay strong!!

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