Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hitting The 9 Month Mark!

It's so crazy to think that Elder Neal will have been on his mission 9 months on Thursday! Somedays it seams like it has gone by fast and others still seam to go by slowly.

Even though we miss Keyen a lot, we all know with all out hearts that Thailand is where he needs to be.

Here's the latest update...

"Hey whats up everyone!! I hope all of you are doin good!!:) So this week was pretty good:) This week I had a Zone conference and got some training from the Pres. Pres Johnson ( pj is what we call him or papa J) is the man!! He gave us some cool training on Fractal Geometry. Fractal Geometry is basically a method of breaking things down to help you achieve goals. So that was way good:) I got to see a lot of other missionaries that i know so that was fun too. Well After zone conference a really cool thing happened! It was freaking hot outside and we had Zero appointments so we just walked around outside inviting people all day. But at one point We were roasted so we decided to go inside this little mall. Well we went in and went to the bathroom and then started to leave. I had just got on the escalator when i saw a man waving me over. So i jumped off the escalator and went over to him. He spoke really good english and told me to take a seat and talk with him. He was in the middle of eating lunch. He asked me if i was surprised that he called me over. So Then he said" I know a few things about your church. Ive read the book of mormon. I have about 3 copies of it. But i want you to tell me something special." So i asked him if he believed the things he read in the BOM. He said he thinks its true. So I told him that if the BOM is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet and if he is a prophet then this church is true. Then i asked him if he had ever prayed to know if these things were true. He said he had not. So i said well ask him. He said. ' Good Idea" haha so yea that was a cool thing that happened:) Well other than that it was a pretty normal week:) I love you all! You are all in my heart and prayers!! I love you!!

                          Love, Keyen"

Keyen says this Lady is "crazy" She is always trying to get him to eat things haha!  

Stay strong Elder Neal!! We love and miss you so much!! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8 months & Counting

Hello friends! Elder Neal has officially made the 8 month mark! I am so proud of him! I can't wait until we can finally make the one year mark!

Also I have a special request. Keyen's birthday is Saturday so is you find the time to just send him an email by Sunday wishing him Happy Birthday I know it would mean a lot to him.

Yes I know I didn't update the blog last week, so this will be yet again a double week post update.


"Hey everyone!! Whats up?? How are you all doing?? I hope all is well at home and everything is going smoothly:) Well its been a while since my last email!! And a lot of things have happened!! Elder Holland came and it was awesome!! On Saturday he spoke to just us missionaries and it was awesome!! He basically thew down and told all of us to make sure that we at least get one convert on our mission... Ourselves. It was way awesome!! He said so many funny things too! It was just awesome! Then on Sunday all The members in Thailand came to a huge meeting to hear him speak. His Talk there was way cool!! After that it was getting close to transfers!! So i was scared that i would move and get a new companion! Well my worst fears became a reality! I got a new companion!! Luckily I stayed in my same area but i did get a new companion! His Name is Elder Hilton. He is very interesting haha Pretty much the complete opposite of my last one! But hopefully everything will work out! We have three people to be baptized next Sunday! The is this grandma lady who is the mother of the person we baptized a couple of weeks ago! Then the other to are the children of this less active member who has just started to come back! He is so awesome!! Hes the cutest dude ever! And his kids are way good! They are 15 and 17 years old! So hopefully all goes well!:) The only other real exciting thing is that last night Elder Hilton locked us out of our bedroom! We don't have a key to that door!! haha so we called the security guys and they tried to open it. Eventually I ended up kicking the door open! It was way funny!:) So yea that's about all i got!! I love you guys! You are all in my prayers!! 

                     LOVE, Keyen:)"

"Hey everyone!! how the heck are you!!:) This last week was very busy!! But all the work payed off!:) This week was really rainy! It rained almost everyday! But regardless of the rain we were able to go to teach this family a few times:) They live pretty far away so we have to take a taxi there. But The dad and mom are members but the two kids are not. The Mom and dad went LA for about 8 years and have just barely started coming back! The dad is sooo amazing! His testimony is insane!! They live in the scariest place I've every seen. Its a big run down building and they rent like 4 rooms there. There are quite a few of them living there. Really poor living conditions, But every time i go there I see the Bro. Sagone ( the dad) Reading the scriptures. He always gives us some water and his two kids come and we teach them. Well after teaching them this week they were ready to be baptized! And they were yesterday!! The Dad baptized his two kids! It was sooo cool!!:) 

    Yesterday also Another one of our investigators got baptized! She is way awesome!~ She is about 65 years old and is way smart! She just understands everything so easily!:) Her daughter was baptized about three weeks ago! So its been way cool to see these families get closer and closer to being together forever!:) 

 Other than that its been a pretty normal week:) This Thursday i get to be reunited with my favorite companion! Elder luker and I are both going to the doctor together for our skin. We asked the mission pres if we could just make it a all day and night switch off and he said heck yea!!! haha He is such a awesome guy!! So that will be way fun!:) Well everyone i love and miss you all!:) Remember that Heavenly father is always there with you. He will help you through anything and everything! I love you!!

                       Love, Keyen:)"

We love you Elder Neal!!!!