Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Poem About Keyen

As many of you know Keyen loves working out and going to the gym. He also loves showing off how strong he is. The other day one of the Elders wrote this poem about Keyen doing pull ups. It's quite funny and totally Keyen! Enjoy :)

As Elder Rogers and I walked down the hall
I could see the commotion for I am quite tall.

A competition of strength to prove who's the man,
A competition to do as many pull ups as you can.

Elder Neal was with us and with much swagger, he walked.
He walked up to the bar and nobody talked.

I started to count 1,2 then 3.
He didn't stop there for he's quite strong you see.

He did 25 and said "Eh not bad"
Then he walked off looking totally rad.

If you don't think that this story is real,
Go look at the plaque that reads
25 - Elder Neal

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3 Update: Good Stuff

It's been a good week for Elder Neal. First of all the MTC had a visit from apostle Russel M. Nelson which is awesome! Keyen said that he told them to thank their families for the support that they have been given because a lot of the reason they were there was because of their families and the love they give them. So he says "thanks" haha!
He also had a good talk with his mission president. He asked Keyen if he was homesick and Keyen said he was very homesick still. His mission president said that was good because he said that meant he loved his family and loved them enough to leave them to serve.
He told me today in email, "I really want to listen to The Black Keys and hear Thorin's voice!" haha what a dork.
He really likes his Thai teacher a lot. He says he is very nice and kind to all of them. He also says that he really enjoys Sundays and his P days. On P days he gets to go to the temple and play basketball.
I am really happy that he seems to be doing a lot better with the homesickness. Despite all the things he misses he really loves what he is doing and he is so strong. I love reading the things he says about the gospel and about families being together forever. It's so sweet :)
He really loves the support and letters. If you get to chance to write him DO IT!
We love you Elder Neal!
Until the next update, thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cool Stuff

Another update for the week. Elder Neal was able to teach an investigator all in Thai this week. I didn't know that they had people com to the MTC to be taught, but it's pretty cool. Sounds like Keyen is picking up the Thai pretty well.
Just thought I would let you all know. I think it's pretty cool :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 2 Update

What a difference a week can make! Elder Neal is doing a lot better. Still homesick but it has become a lot more bearable. Keyen says that Thai is getting more difficult but he still feels like he is getting it pretty well. He said the hardest thing about being in the MTC is the homesickness. He can't wait to get out of there. 
He said he has very little free time but really likes Sundays and Mondays when he has a bit more time to relax. He has a new companion that isn't his most favorite person in the world but he still really likes the leaders and other Elders.  
He specifically asked Austin and I to keep him updated on Top Gear and sports haha! In the end of this weeks letter he wrote, "Please keep the letters coming." We got your back Elder Neal.
Thank you to everyone who has written him, I know it helps a lot! 
I also have his updated MTC address for those who are sending more letters. I will update the contact info.
Stay Strong Elder Neal! We love you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Positive Vibes

I'm sure many of you returned missionaries know that the first few weeks in the MTC were difficult. Keyen could use all the positive thoughts and prayers he can get during these first few weeks. 
Of course he will always feel that home sickness and miss everyone but with time it will get easier. Until then say a little extra prayer for Elder Neal :) 
Stay strong!! We love you!! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Letter from Elder Neal!

We finally got to hear back from Keyen yesterday. He sent out letters and was able to email for a little bit. Good news is that his P day is on  Mondays so he will be able to read and write emails that day. Letters get to him really quickly since he is just in Provo.
He said that he is very very homesick, but he really likes all of his teachers and the mission president and other leaders. He is feeling a bit overwhelmed and said that learning Thai is extremely difficult, but he feels like he is getting it.
It's crazy how much he has already learned and felt in just this these few short days. I can already tell a difference in him. His spirituality and wisdom has already grown so much. I know that it is the power of the spirit that is helping him. He knows that as well. He said that he knows that heavenly father is helping him and he can feel his guidance and love.
Keep Elder Neal in your thoughts a prayers. I am so proud of him. I hope that he soon will feel a little less homesick. I know he would love the support and love from all of you if you haven't had the chance to write him.
At this end of his letter he wrote, "Please keep me in your prayers, you are always in mine."
We love you Elder Neal!
Stay Strong and work hard :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Go With Love. Return With Honor.

The last 48 hours have been very bittersweet. Tuesday night Keyen got set apart as a full-time missionary and it was such a spiritual experience. Keyen said he had never felt the spirit so strongly in his life. He was promised many great things in his blessing and I know he will be protected and be strong emotionally and physically throughout his mission.
Yesterday morning we all had a wonderful breakfast together and then prepared to head up to the MTC. It was so hard watching Keyen say goodbye to his girlfriend Sadie. She has been such a great supporter of his and I know she will only continue to do so. 
The drive up to the MTC was difficult for my family but Keyen was so strong and calm. I know that he has such a power bestowed upon him now as a missionary. It is truly an amazing thing to witness.
We pulled up to the MTC and gave our last goodbyes. It was short but sweet.We each gave our love and then watched him walk away. He didn't look back, but we watched him walk until we couldn't see him. We will all so proud and sad to him go.
For 2 years my brother will be serving the Lord. There is NO greater calling than to share the knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. What Christ did for us is a very real thing, it did happen and he will come again. My brother gets to share this message with the people of Thailand. 
I know he will only grow stronger in the gospel and receive so many blessings. He already has been such a great example to my family and I. I hope he can do the same for all those who support him. 
I have added on the right side of the Blog Keyen's contact information. He will be able to email every Monday and mail should get to him pretty quickly while he is in the MTC for the next 8 weeks.
I know he we love to hear from all of you and the support would mean so much to him.
I love you Elder Neal! Stay strong!