Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 2 Update

What a difference a week can make! Elder Neal is doing a lot better. Still homesick but it has become a lot more bearable. Keyen says that Thai is getting more difficult but he still feels like he is getting it pretty well. He said the hardest thing about being in the MTC is the homesickness. He can't wait to get out of there. 
He said he has very little free time but really likes Sundays and Mondays when he has a bit more time to relax. He has a new companion that isn't his most favorite person in the world but he still really likes the leaders and other Elders.  
He specifically asked Austin and I to keep him updated on Top Gear and sports haha! In the end of this weeks letter he wrote, "Please keep the letters coming." We got your back Elder Neal.
Thank you to everyone who has written him, I know it helps a lot! 
I also have his updated MTC address for those who are sending more letters. I will update the contact info.
Stay Strong Elder Neal! We love you!

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