Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3 Update: Good Stuff

It's been a good week for Elder Neal. First of all the MTC had a visit from apostle Russel M. Nelson which is awesome! Keyen said that he told them to thank their families for the support that they have been given because a lot of the reason they were there was because of their families and the love they give them. So he says "thanks" haha!
He also had a good talk with his mission president. He asked Keyen if he was homesick and Keyen said he was very homesick still. His mission president said that was good because he said that meant he loved his family and loved them enough to leave them to serve.
He told me today in email, "I really want to listen to The Black Keys and hear Thorin's voice!" haha what a dork.
He really likes his Thai teacher a lot. He says he is very nice and kind to all of them. He also says that he really enjoys Sundays and his P days. On P days he gets to go to the temple and play basketball.
I am really happy that he seems to be doing a lot better with the homesickness. Despite all the things he misses he really loves what he is doing and he is so strong. I love reading the things he says about the gospel and about families being together forever. It's so sweet :)
He really loves the support and letters. If you get to chance to write him DO IT!
We love you Elder Neal!
Until the next update, thanks for reading!

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