Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Poem About Keyen

As many of you know Keyen loves working out and going to the gym. He also loves showing off how strong he is. The other day one of the Elders wrote this poem about Keyen doing pull ups. It's quite funny and totally Keyen! Enjoy :)

As Elder Rogers and I walked down the hall
I could see the commotion for I am quite tall.

A competition of strength to prove who's the man,
A competition to do as many pull ups as you can.

Elder Neal was with us and with much swagger, he walked.
He walked up to the bar and nobody talked.

I started to count 1,2 then 3.
He didn't stop there for he's quite strong you see.

He did 25 and said "Eh not bad"
Then he walked off looking totally rad.

If you don't think that this story is real,
Go look at the plaque that reads
25 - Elder Neal

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