Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Son of God

"Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing good!!! My week has been alright! haha It has been super hot and I've spent many hours out in the heat inviting people! Its been a bit rough lately in finding new people to teach! Needless to say we have managed to find these two new people who are great!! I'm hoping they will progress well. This week i found a scripture that i really loved!! Its 2 Corinthians 8-9. It just says that we may have troubles and surrounded by darkness but we are not defeated. I love that! Sometimes we may feel we have to much for us to handle, but we can. We may be tired and weary but never give up!! No matter what it is!!:) We can overcome all things! All opposition!! The reason why we can overcome all is because the The Son Of God as already overcome all things. So never give up! Remember Hollands' last conference talk, "keep loving, keep trying, keep trusting, keep believing, keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow and forever." I love you all!!:) Be safe and have a good week!!:)

                                  Love, Keyen"

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Keyen!

Hello everyone!!:) Whats up?? How is everything going? I hope everyone is doing good:) My week was pretty crazy! Well I finally have a new apartment. Its way nice in a huge Apartment building! Im on the 33rd floor:) So thats cool:) The view at night is way cool! So the whole finding a house thing took a while but its finally done:) I finally after over a year of having issues with my toes, I got the bill of health from the Doctor! So thats way awesome! I no longer have to go to the dang doctors office anymore!!:) This week we had a good with our best investigator about the restoration:) So that was good:) Also 2 people that I found and taught in Thonburi got baptized yesterday!!:) So thats way awesome!!:) Really nothing too exciting has happened. But now im all settled in here so that will be good. I Just want you all to  know that The Jesus loves you. He is always here with us. He has told us that " in the world ye shall have tribulation, But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." Because he overcame everything, We too can overcome everything!:) I love and miss you all! Be safe and be happy!!!:)

                                                 Love, Keyen

 Keyen's friend Eark made him this awesome cake!!