Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Month Down!!

It may seem like no big deal, but for Keyen it is HUGE. The MTC is can be very difficult some days. He had a few tough days last week, but he seems to be doing very good besides getting homesick. He has officially been gone 1 month and hopefully by March 2nd his visa will be cleared so he can finally go to Thailand.
As I'm sure many of you saw our cousin Jevin entered the MTC this past Wednesday. Jevin and Keyen have been very close since they were little. Elder Warren (Jevin) is serving in the L'viv Ukraine Mission! Very exciting stuff for our 2 guys.
When my uncle and aunt dropped off Jevin, they spotted Keyen through the gate and then the flagged him down, My cute brother was being a Host that day for new missionaries and so he got to be Jevin's! How awesome is that! I literally cried and got chills when my uncle told me. It was so cool to see these 2 together as missionaries. I'm so jealous my family got to see him! Keyen told me yesterday that he still gets to see Jevin during dinner. That makes me happy to know they have each other close by. Keyen also is really liking his companion Elder Greenwoo, he says he likes Top Gear just like Keyen so I'm sure they are best friends by now! Keyen really loves going to the temple. I am happy he gets to go often. He also is still picking up the Thai really well. He can teach a whole discussion is Thai. I think that is simply amazing after only being there a month.
Keyen really loves getting mail. It helps him so much. Even a small little card means the world to him. If you haven't had a chance or want to send another letter you should do it! It means so much to Keyen and it really helps him get through the hard days.
He got some very valuable advice from his leader. He told Keyen that Satan is working so hard on him right now because he is getting closer to leaving for Thailand. He said that Satan knows you well and he knows your weaknesses and knows what buttons to push, so don't give him that power. I thought that was so true!
I am so proud of my brother and my cousin. I worry about him all the time, but I also remember he is in the best hands possible. Satan may be working hard to get to him, but Heavenly Father is also right by his side. Satan can and never get his way with the Lord's help.
We love you Elder Neal! Stay Strong.

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