Monday, July 27, 2015

Moving Right Along

Sorry for being a slacker and not posting last week. I will make this post a big one!

It's almost been 7 months!!

Here's from 2 weeks ago...Keyen shared a letter that he wrote to his mission president...

"Hey Pres. Johnson! I hope all is well with you! I am doing pretty good. Elder luker and i have a few solid investigators who will be baptized here pretty soon. I love being with Elder Luker! We get along so well. I had a really cool thing happen this week. We were teaching a lesson and our investigator was really struggling with some big trials. He did not understand why God would want us to suffer. I didn't say anything because the words weren't coming to me so i was quiet for the whole lesson. But then Elder Luker told me to tell him about how Satan sucks haha. So I looked at the investigator and suddenly i started telling him a story about my own life. I told him that God loves us and gives us trials for a reason. I told him that Jesus knows exactly how he feels and he knows exactly how to help us. I talked for probably like 8 min. I didn't even know what i was saying half the time. After I was done. It was really quiet. Then our investigator tuned to me and just said thank you. Then we ended the lesson. This investigator was really strong but then disappeared for a while. But now he is back and is making great progress. That was the best part of my week. Thank you for all you do for me and all of the missionaries in Thailand, Loas, and Burma.

- Love, Elder Neal"

Also on his P day he got to look at some of the most expense nice cars in the world....Which is pretty much Keyen's personal heaven!

This is from yesterday...

"Hey everyone!! I hope you a;; are doing good!! I miss you all! Well, This last week was a pretty good week! I felt like it flew by!! Nothing to crazy happened but we were just really busy. On p day we went bowling which was a real rush haha! In fact we are probably going again today!! This week We taught a crap ton of lessons!! SAnd it paid off! Yesterday 2 of our investigators got Baptized and it was awesome!! We have another lined up for next week! So the work is coming along good:) After a long week we went over to my companions grandmas house:) My companion is half Thai. His whole moms side of his family lives in this area! So its way cool to go visit them!:) His grandma is so sweet:) She always feeds us and stuff haaha. So that was way cool! So yea im doing pretty good:) I miss home and everyone there so much but im getting through it:) I love you all!!:)
- LOVE , Keyen"

Sorry for this fast post. Thanks to everyone who is reading the blog and supporting Keyen.

We love you Elder Neal!

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