Monday, July 13, 2015

New Adventures in Bankane

I could not wait to talk to Keyen yesterday.I was so anxious to hear the new place he was going to be serving in. 
Here's what Keyen had to say about the week...

"Wow!! Its been a crazy week!! So I got the call i was moving right after email last week! I was way sad and nervous! My last 2 days in KPP were really good and we accomplished a lot!! Saying goodbye to all of the members way way hard!! It really did suck leaving KPP! The whole drive to Bangkok i was worried about where i was going and who my companion would be. So before transfer meeting i just talked to the Elders who i knew and it was fun just talking to everyone:) I then found out where i was going and who my companion was gonna be!! Im not in Bangkok! My area of Bangkok is called Bankane. Its way cool and the members are really cool and all speak amazing English haha!! I live in a huge building on the 22nd floor! it is a way small apartment and there are four of us i it but its not to bad:) there is a gym where i can do my p90x which i way cool! My companion is Elder Luker... and he is sooo awesome!! he is my best friend!! we both love the same things!! So that's been so cool! we have already decided that we will be each-others best man at our weddings haha! We also got news that Elder Holland is coming to Thailand!! So will will get to have a special meeting with him!! Im a little scared haha but it will be awesome!! Its been a good week!! I hoping it will continue to be awesome here in Bankane!:) I love and miss you all!!:)"

I was so happy for Elder Neal! What a blessing that he has got such a great companion for his first transfer. I hope I  meet this Elder Luker someday! How cool Elder Holland is going to Thailand!! I would be nervous to see him too haha! Keyen has met him before when he was in a program for a Scouts celebration. I wonder if Elder Holland will remember him. 

The New apartment. A lot different than KKP haha! 

We love you Keyen! As always I am so proud for all you do and for working so hard!

Stay strong!! 

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