Monday, July 6, 2015

Miracles Before the Move

Sorry that I didn't post last week, but this week I hope will make up for it.
Elder Neal had a pretty great week. Some ups and downs and some big changes.
Here's what he said about the week...

"Well this last week was crazy! I was really busy!! This week I have to make another long 5 hour bus ride to Chang Mai to meet the new Mission Pres. and his wife. I really like him. He is a lot different from Pres. Senior But i feel like he will be a cool guy! Me and elder Larsen worked our butts off this week trying to find some new people! we went inviting for hours and hours every day!! And the lord blessed us for it. Our mission standard is the have 2 new investigators every week. But elder Larsen and I got 6 new investigators. I honestly don't know how it happened! A lot of the investigators didn't even come from inviting. Most of them came from members bringing friends and stuff. But miracles happened this week. We were also blessed to get a new church building!! the building we are using now is way nicer that the garage we were using before! The new building used to be a bar haha so its even cooler!! haha but its really nice and best of all it has AC!!! Its awesome!! And we were able to make some good progress with old investigators too. And right when i started typing this email i got a call from a lady asking me if she could meet with us and get a book of Mormon. And she wants to learn about Jesus. So we will meet her tonight!! so miracles are happening for sure!!!  This week I had a cool experience when I was teaching Seminary. We are studying the D&C. Anyway we had class in our new church. There were only a couple members there but the spirit was so strong. The section i was teaching was about the spirit. And so i asked them all to share an experience when they felt the spirit and it was so awesome! The members here are legendary!! Today i find out if i stay here or if i'm moving. I don't want to leave but i have a feeling my time here is done:( but hopefully i'm wrong haha. But yea it was a great week! I love and miss you all!!"

A few minutes later after talking he sent this email...

"I'm moving:( i just got the call:( well ill talk to you guys next week!!:) I love you guys!!"

Keyen loves KKP ( Kamphaeng Phet). The members are so incredible in this area and I know Keyen has made a lot of great friends and has done some really great work while he has been there. I was so touching how excited all the members were to get a brand new church building.
Keyen really wanted to bear his testimony in the new church building because he felt like he was going to be leaving soon. He said he was so glad that he got to share it one last time with everyone. 

What a handsome Elder 

I know it's going to be very hard for him to leave. I know Heavenly Father has more plans for Keyen in other areas and I know that he will do great no matter what part of Thailand he is in. I feel like he has done his service to the best he could in KKP and he has more great experiences ahead of him. 

I love that Keyen talked about how the members brought them new investigators. I makes me think about all of us who are members here at home. We too can be missionaries and help out the missionaries in our areas. It was a miracles for my brother and I'm sure it would be a miracle to another missionary as well. 

As always I am so proud and grateful for my brother. Even thought he is thousands of miles away I feel like I have become even closer with him and his example and made me closer to Christ. 

WE LOVE YOU KEYEN! Stay strong!!

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