Monday, June 22, 2015

We Too Must Give

I miss my brother so much! When it going to get easier that he is away?? My mom had a moment the other day when she walked into my brother's room and saw all his clothes hanging up in the closet. My poor mom! She loves her son and I love my brother. We've been a bit emotional. 
At times like these this hymn comes to my mind. "Because I Have Been Given Much" Here are some of the lines that really get to me...
"Because I have been blessed by
thy great love dear Lord
I’ll share thy love again
According to thy word
I shall give love to those in need
I’ll show that love by word and deed
Thus shall my thanks be thanks in deed" 

My family has truly been blessed and my brother is sharing the lords love with so many people. I feel like I should be better at doing that right here at home. I am amazed by my brothers sacrifice and I love him and my savior even more now because of the service his is giving back to others. 

Here's what Keyen said about the week...

"Hey everyone!! How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well at home!! i miss you all a ton!! This last week was a pretty good week:) It was normal for the first couple of days but then on Thursday i went to Chang Mai. Chang Mi is a big city that is supper popular and has a ton of tourists there! So i went there for Zone confrence and it was really good. We just got some training from The Pres. and then Ate some good ice cream!:) We got some more elders in my are as well so that was interesting haha. One of them was my compaanion last transfer but now hes back and hes got him comp haha so that was and is a little strange but whatever! Im doing pretty good:) Im still missing home and everyone thee! I love you all!! Stay sweet!" 

President and Sister Senior are going back home time for a new president! 
We love and miss you Elder Neal! Stay strong!! 

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