Wednesday, June 17, 2015

While I've been Away, The Missionary didn't play...

Maybe I've been playing on vacation, but Elder Neal sure has been busy and working hard.
I have no idea how many of you friends and family members of Keyen read this, but I hope that it keeps you updated and maybe hopefully give you a little spiritual uplifting.

I know I say it every week on my brother's blog, but this gospel is true and I am so proud that my brother is teaching this wonderful truth to the people of Thailand.

Here's what Elder Neal has been up to...

2 weeks ago:
HELLO EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! im doing pretty good over here in Thailand! But its been soooo flippin hot!! but i guess thats not really anything new! haha This last week has been pretty good:) We have a couple of new investigators who have a date to be baptized so hopefully all will work out:) This week my companion and i have really been focusing on service:) We just look for opportunities to help people. We don't ask if they need help we just start helping them haha. If you ask someone in Thailand if the need help they will always say no. so you just need to start helping them:) So its been fun. I helped lift a motorcycle out of a truck, we washed these random people's dishes, i helped this lady load bags of rice in her truck. The bags were sooo flippin heavy! she never could have done it!! weve just done random stuff:) But its been fun:) Its been a pretty good week:) I love you all and miss you all a ton!! I hope you all are doing good:) You are always in my prayers:) bye bye!!:)

1 week ago:
Whats up everyone!!?? how is everyone doing?? hows everything on the home front?? My week was a very interesting week:) haha it started off good. We had three people with a date to be baptized! They were all pretty solid! But sadly, one by one they all had something that messed everything up!!:( One of therm told us that next month he is going to become a monk! so that was a blow! haha he says he dose not want to but he has to because his family already spent a ton of money on his ceremony stuff idk. The other guy was sweet too! He is 15 and just a way cool kid, but his parents dont want him to learn so he dosent really know what to do:( Then the other lady is just kind of crazy haha. So it kind of sucked to have a few daters and then to loose all of them in a week! haha but we are still working on them:) Hopefully some of them will come around:) But other than that its been a pretty good week:) It has been so hot!! yesterday i thought i was going to die!!! but i didnt so thats good:) I love and miss you all!!:) 

Some say, That he's on an errand of the lord for the next two years in Thailand.....
And that recently, he has developed a love for cycling....
All we know is.. Hes Called The STIG!!

Exercising with the Soccer team

Please if you find the time write Keyen an email or a letter. Even if it's just your testimony I know he would enjoy to hear from those he hasn't in awhile. 

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