Monday, May 18, 2015

Traveling Around Thailand

So Elder Neal had some struggles this week, but he still is in good spirits. Here is what he said about the week...

Well this week was a interesting week indeed!! It started off pretty normal but then something horrible happened.... i got sick!!! It started Monday night. So the rest of the week i was feeling like crap!! So that made everything a lot harder!! I had a cool lesson with brother Gap and i feel like he is that much closer to being baptized!! He just doesn't understand how its possible that god is real and Jesus is the savior. He believes it but he doesn't understand it. I feel like he wants to know everything before he is baptized but he will just need to figure out that he will never know everything. But he's Awesome! He cut my hair this week too so I've been rocking some sick hair!:) Well on Wednesday we got a call and were told that we had to go to Bangkok so my companion could renew his visa. So on Thursday night at 11 we got on a bus and headed to Bangkok. We got there at about 430 in in the morning on Friday. So then we took a taxi to this building where you do the visa stuff. Well the place was closed so we had to wait outside for like and hour before is opened. I felt like crap and i fell asleep on the grass. Then When i woke up there was a bunch of ants on me!! so that made me feel even better!! haha the whole visa thing too until about 10 then we got on another bus and headed home!!:) so being sick and traveling on a bus for 12 hours was not a good combo! But now all is well. That's pretty much all the excitement that has been happening this week! So yea!! I hope everyone is doing well!! i love and miss you all!!:)

Poor guy! It seems like forever since we Skyped him for mothers day! I miss my brother so much, but I'm so glad that he continues to work hard and serve the lord.
We love you Elder Neal!!!!

A view from Keyen's apartment 

A scary insect that Keyen saw on the way to Bangkok!! Yikes!!

Keyen with the famous Gap!! He gave him a cool hair cut!!

He didn't have his raincoat so he had to make a homemade one. 

Some new members Keyen met. 

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