Thursday, May 7, 2015

Short, Simple and Skype

Sorry it's been a few days past since Keyen emailed, but i'm updating the blog now, so that's all that matters right?
Here's the update from Elder Neal from this past week.

Hello!!! i haope everyone is doing good!!!! So this last week was so flippin hot!!! Its seriously like riding around in a oven!! But this week was good:) haha we had one of our investigators get baptized yesterday!! so that was awesome!! It has been hard to find people to talk to because its so hot!! everyone stays inside!! haha we did find one guy who owns a really nice gym! I might head over there today!:) This week i went and played some Bball with brother gapp!:) We played some pick up games with a bunch of other people! it was a ton of fun!! Gapp is a baller!! Everyone wanted to play against me cause I'm from America haha so they think im automatically good at basketball haha. so yea. Ping is another investigator who is awesome!! hes sooo close to being baptized!! so ill keep you posted!:) yesterday something funny happened!:) So we went to visit a member who is less active. She owns a litle clothing shop. So when we got there we looked in the window to see if she was there. Well she was there and the Jehovah witnesses were there teaching her!! haha so my companions were nervous about going in haha but i just told them that the party is over and walked in there!! haha I just started to talking to sister Peem. ( shes the Less active member) And then the JWS left! haha so that was a good time!:) So its been a interesting week:) Love and miss you all!! you are all in my prayers:)

Sounds like another awesome week for Elder Neal! We are all so excited to Skype him on Mother's Day! I'm sure I will have a big update after that!
Stay tuned to keep updated with Keyen!
We love you Elder Neal!

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