Monday, April 27, 2015

Buddhist to Latter Day Saint

Keyen seemed to be in really happy spirits this week. I'm glad being away from home is starting to get a little bit easier.
Here's his update about the week...

Well this week was a pretty good week:) We didn't get any baptisms but we will be getting one this Thursday! So that will be awesome! This week the weather has been crazy hot!! but on Friday it stormed really hard so that was awesome!! So yea e have one investigator who will be baptized on Thursday, but other than that we have a few people who i know will be baptized soon!! Just gotta have faith!! I really am hoping to get this couple baptized!!! They names are Sister Toffe and Brother Gapp. They are sooo flippin cool. Bro Gapp is the most skilled man in the world! He is Thailand's Best hair dresser 4 years running!! He is awesome at guitar and singing at is way good at basketball. They have two little kids and they are soo cute!! They have been investigators for a long time but recently have been showing more interest! so im really praying they will continue to progress:) This week have been a very hard working week. We have been soo busy! We have to plan every activity for the members and we have an activity every night!!:) So between that and teaching and inviting i am constantly busy!! The people in Thailand are awesome! But it is really hard to teach them! Everyone is so busy because its hard to make a living in Thailand! Everyone is Buddhist and doesn't even know who Christ is!! But there are the people who the lord has prepared people here for us to teach. There are people everywhere who are prepared by god. So its been a pretty good week! Love and miss you all!!!:) :) 

I'm really glad that Elder Neal is busy. It will keep his mind off home and really focus on the work. I want him to feel good about his service and not to worry about all of us.
Keep the letters and emails coming! I know he loves to support and love!!
We love you Elder Neal!! Stay Strong!

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