Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happenings in Thailand

Elder Neal had a pretty good week this past week. As always it was really nice to talk to him about Conference and to see how he is doing.
Here's what he had to say....

Ok so really not a very exciting week:) Last pday we went to a peccadillo place!:) So that was pretty fun!:) There was a guy who put his head inside the Crocs head!! Other than that this week has been pretty boring:) But bad news!! My companion is leaving and ill be getting a new comp this week! so that sucks!!! But I'm not moving which is good:) But honestly not a whole lot happened this week:)

Just thinking about conference:) They talked a lot about eternal families:) And it made me happy to know that we will all be together forever:) Make sure there is love at home:) Help one another and support one another:) What we have is something that hardly anyone has here in Thailand:) I love you all. And everyone in this email group plus grandma are the most important people in my life. Even though i am not there in my physical form my spirit is always there:) So remember to love and help each other:) And reach out to those in our family and friends who don't have what we have. Always support them and love them:) But most important love one another:) Every single one of you needs to love each other:) Because i love all of you:) Satan is pissed off that we have a happy fam. So lets piss him off even more be even stronger!  So everyone please... Love, support, speak kindly, and encourage each other. I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!:)  Wow i kinda felt like Elder Holland there for a second! hahaha I love you all. 

It's so cool to hear my brother get so serious about church things especially when he talks about families. I am so grateful for my family and for all they have done for me personally. But most importantly I'm glad that he knows how much we all love and support him as he is serving on his mission.

I couldn't be more proud of my brother. He is such a classy, loving, hard working young man. I can't wait for even more miracles and spiritual experiences he will experience in Thailand.
We love you Keyen! Stay Strong!!

P.S. Keep the letter and emails coming :) Look on the Contact tab for information.

Stole these pics off Facebook that a member in Thailand posted :)

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