Sunday, April 19, 2015

Festivals and Farewells

Elder Neal is doing pretty good! He had to say goodbye to Elder Cooper so that was sad, but he had fun celebrating the festival going on all week. I guess this festival is a lot like New Years here people party and get drunk. So there mission president advised all the missionaries to stay inside a lot of the time. Here's what he said about the week...

Well this week was very interesting! On monday I went and played at the water festival all day and it was crazy!! But it was way fun!!! The rest of the week went really slow because we werent really able to do or go anywhere because of the Festival. So we had to stay inside most the time. Elder Cooper left me which sucjs!! I miss that guy!! My new comps Are the 2 elders who were already im my district and in my house hahah! They are pretty cool. Thery are both polor opposites hahah im the bridge between the two of them. One of them is THai and the other one is from Arizona. I like them both but they like to do things diffrently that elder cooper and i did things. But i think we will be able to get a routine going this week:) I got sick this week and i still feel a little woozy haha so hopefully that will go away soon. But it was a pretty good week:) Love And Miss You All:) 

We love and miss you Elder Neal!! Stay strong!! 

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