Monday, October 12, 2015

Solid Week

"Well whats up everyone!! I hope you all are doing good!!:) My week was a pretty solid week:) Nothing too exciting happened because we basically spent everyday at the church teaching people:) So Im missionary terms it was a very good productive week! But not really exciting for the viewers haha  My companions are way good guys! But now we are used to being in a threesome Its time for me to get my New companion! haha I will get him on tuesday night! The Pres. Gave me special permission to go to the airport with him so i can be there when he flys in!!:) haha so that will be way fun!! The highlight of the week was watching conference! It was way good! We watched it in the clerks office on the computer while the members watched it in Thai in the Sacrament room. It was funny because our room was way small and we were blasting the AC so it got way cold in there! It was so cold that there was fog on the window. So all the members thought it was way funny!! They knew where to find the Elders, just follow the cold air cause thats where we will be haha. I had 2 encounters with Giant spiders in my house this week!! I freaking hate it!! They are freaky looking spiders too and about the size of my hand!! hahan Well all in all it was a good week:) Im excited to train a new missionary but also way nervous! Hopefully all will go well! Well I love and miss you all! You are all in my prayers!!:)

                          Love, Keyen"
Watching conference! 

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