Monday, August 29, 2016

Last Transfer to Pakret

"Hello everyone! I hope all is going well at home with everyone!! I love and miss you all!! So my week has been pretty crazy! I moved to another area! So Im still in Bangkok but just in a different district. Its called Pakret. Its way cool! Ive been to this area a bunch of times before. The members here are way cool too!! So thats exciting! I am actually opening a new area here so that has been fun! Ive been trying to find a place for us to live for the past couple of days! Right now im in a apartment that is the size of my room at home with 4 Elders there with off of our stuff! haha I sleep on a little air mattress! So thats been fun! haha not really. But I think Ive found the new place we will live:) Its a way nice Place!! It even has a dryer! I havent used a dryer in year and 8 months!! haha I teach English 2 nights a week now which i think is way fun! I have to teach the kids class! They are so wild!! But its been a good week! I am excited to see what this area has to bring! I listened to the area 70 of Thailand speak yesterday and he talked about why we need to have a testimony of Joseph Smith. It was a awesome Talk!! I know That Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly father and Jesus Christ and tat he is a prophet of God. We all need to strengthen our testimony of the truthfulness of  Joseph Smith And of The Book Of Mormon. Thats the keystone of our religion! I love and Miss you all!! Be safe and have a good week!!
                                      Love, Keyen"

Bro. Golf A guy a taught 1 year ago!! hes doing great!!

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