Monday, June 6, 2016

He Will Lift and Carry You

"Yo whats up everyone!? I hope you all are doing good and are happy and healthy!!:) My week has been a pretty good one:) My stomach finally has gotten better after a couple of weeks of having issues! hahah so thats nice! Transfers was this week and I wanted to stay sooo bad! And I did!! so thats great! I got a new companion! His name is Elder Christensen. He is a way good guy! He's been out for about 10 months. So he is way solid. This week we were able to find some pretty solid investigators and make good progress with the old ones we had:) We have a few people who want to be baptized so now its just a matter of helping them prepare to do so. It been way rainy here lately which has been way nice. There has been some way loud thunder storms in the night! So thats been fun. Because of my increased health Ive been able to Destroy P90x which is way good! It makes me feel good when I can work out hard:) So yea everything is going great! A cool experience Happened yesterday while i was in church. So There is this Guy that has become a way good friend of mine:) His name is Ken. Ken is Thai but spent most his life in England and in America. So he is strange because he dose not speak either Thai or English fluently! haha But he came to our church yesterday for testimony meeting. When he joined the church he was in England and learned in English so her isn't familiar with the gospel terms in Thai. So He asked me if I would translate for him while he bore his testimony so i did. And he bore such a powerful testimony!! It was hard to translate because I was feeling the spirit so strong. One thing That I really loved that he said was." When Jesus came to earth, he established one church. Not many different churches. And this church is that church that he established."  It was soo cool. He is just a young guy about 20 years old but he is awesome!! So that was honestly the highlight of my week! I love and miss you all!! Remember that the lord is always with you. And will lift you and carry you. Just Follow him. "

Corbin and Keyen went to the same high school and played tennis together. He also served a mission in Thailand and when he went back to visit he got to see Keyen! So jealous!! 

Keyen's handy taco making skills! 

Keyen's friend Ken! 

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