Monday, June 27, 2016

Lucky Charms

"Yo yo yo! what up everyone? I hope you are all doing good! My week has been a pretty good one:) really nothing too exciting has happened. But it was a good productive week. We met this new investigator who is way solid so hopefully she will progress well. She came to church yesterday and brought her mom too so that was really good. This week it has rained way hard almost everyday. That is a nice change from the usual blazing heat and humidity! I went to this grocery store for foreigners and hit the jackpot!!:) They had so much good stuff!!! hahah But it was all pretty expensive! But I came out of there with a Doctor Pepper, A cherry coke, and a bag of flaming hot munchies! So that was way awesome!! I might go back and get some Lucky Charms!! haaha but we'll see what happens. Today I'm going to the gym! Its this way nice gym! I used my powers of compulsion and got me and the other Elders a free three days!! so that will be way nice to hit the gym this week! So yea not a whole lot to report on! Oh something funny, So our sink in the kitchen has been having some issues! It keeps on leaking a ton of water whenever you use it! Ive had to call the plummer  like 4 times and he still hasn't fixed it! I had to wash the dishes outside with the hose last night!! haha So thats been fun! So im doing good!! I love and miss you all!!:) Have a good week:)

                                            Love, Keyen"
Notice the dirty room. No changes. 

Washing the dishes outside! 

Happy man. HAHA! 

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