Monday, May 16, 2016

Beach Views

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Mother's Day last weekend and especially to all of you who got to talk to your missionaries. This will hopefully be the last time we will have to Skype Elder Neal. His release date is December 16th. He will get to come home a few days earlier because the church doesn't want missionaries traveling the week of christmas or new years because as we know traveling that time of year can be CRAZY and not to mention SUPER expensive. So Keyen got to choose if we wanted to leave on the 16th or after New Years.

Anyway our Skype session was great! It's not as hard to say goodbye because Keyen doesn't seem sad or lonely at all. He is so focused and in total missionary mode. So if he is good we are all good. He told us some great stories and what it has been like as a district leader so that was awesome! We all are dying for December 16th!!

Here's what Elder Neal said about the week...

" So this week was pretty good:) I was actually sick most the week but I lived:) So now I am close to having my toes fully healed from the curse of ingrown toenails!!! So hopefully soon I will be to 100%!! I got to go to the beach this week!! I went with the members for a ward activity!! So that was way fun!! Not a whole lot happened this week just the same old stuff. The work is going good. We have a couple of people who will most likely be baptized here pretty soon:) so that is awesome!!:) I love and miss you all!!!:) be safe! You are in my prayers!!:)

                                          Love, Keyen"

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