Monday, March 14, 2016

Two in One

I've got 2 updates from Keyen in the last 2 weeks. Sorry for slacking off! 


"Wow so much weird crazy things happened this week!! So last Sunday I gave a blessing to a man in the hospital. He looked like he was so miserable and in pain. He had a tube in his nose and another down his throat. His sister (who is a member) wanted us to give him a blessing. So I gave him a blessing. When I gave the blessing i felt prompted to tell him to be at peace, and to not worry and to be afraid. After the blessing his body Immediately seemed to just relax. He just looked at us. His son was there and thanked us. Well the next morning that man passed away. We went to his funeral and his son wanted to know more. He new there was something special about the knowledge we had. So that was a really cool thing! The other crazy thing was when I went to the hospital to visit a less-active member who works at the hospital. So little did I know he is the guy who deals with all the dead bodies!! so he told us to wait because he had to go do something. So we waited in front of his office, then he comes over wheeling in a dead body!! Then he asked me to help him move it and wrap it up in a blanket!! So I did!! Then the next night he asked me to come over to visit him. So we went and we did it again!!!!! I had to handle a dead body twice!!! Oh gosh!!!!! Other than that though it was a good week:) haha I hate to end it on that note but thats all i got!! haha I love and miss you all!!:)

                           Love , Keyen:)"


"Yo whats up everyone:) Its been a good week! Its only been a few days since i emailed last and honestly not a whole lot has happened!! It has been soooo hot lately!! Over 100 for the last couple of days!! Its been way humid too!! So hot season has officially begun! It sucks!! The other day I went to a members house and helped trim this tree in her yard. It took forever!! And there were like Five big beehives in the tree so we had to smoke out all the bees before we could start! But I t was fun! I feel the happiest when I am doing a service project like that. Luckily the skills I developed being Grandmas personal Grounds keeper paid off! So yea, Other than that not a whole lot has happened so far this week. I did find a new investigator who is awesome! We taught her once and the spirit was way strong!! I know she felt it. She told us she felt something different. So that was cool! Hopefully she will progress well. Well thats about all i have for this week:) I wont have a pday this monday so Illbe on in like 9 days haha! Well goodbye! I love you all!:)

                                   Love, Keyen"

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  1. I taught that less active member! We always had to work around his "guests" as he would call them. Sad to hear he's less active! He may or may not remember me. Say hi to the members in Surin for me. Favorite area. I taught and saw baptized president taay and some other awesome members.

    Do me a favor if you have nothing to do one day. Talk to some members and try to find Baa Lek. She was an awesome miracle investigator we were able to baptize. She was AMAZING, but I heard after I left somehow she stopped going to church. Really sad. She lived pretty far, it was fun to go out there.

    There should be a few members that remember her. I don't know her real name unfortunately. I served in Surin in 2007ish. Just ask some members if they remember Baa lek who lives kind of far that elder jenkins was teaching. She was baptized I think the same day or very close to brother taay and brother luu.

    Have fun! I had by far the most success in Surin than I had my whole mission. It was miracle after miracle for me there. Work hard!

    - Elder Jenkins