Monday, February 8, 2016

Surin City

"Its been a crazy week! I got transferred! My new area is called Surin. It is famous for Elephants! Ive only seen 1 but apparently there is a village where they all live not to far awawy from where i am! so I got to go check it out! This area is pretty small. The is a little branch here. But the branch is having all sorts of problems so hopefully I can help! PJ called me and told me that he was sorry to but me in this situation but just said to " do what I know you can do". So hopefully I can fix this place up! My new companion is a good guy!! He is Huge! 6'7 haha so we get a lot of looks! haha I don't have to much to say cause I've only been here for three days but Im hoping it will be a good area! I hope you all are doing good!!:) I love and miss you all!!:)

                                Love, Keyen"

Muay Thai 

Goodbye Loburi 

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