Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello family and friends! It is just me or is March just dragging on?? We are down to the single digits in months till Elder Neal comes home but the closer it gets the ancipatoon gets worse!! Ugh!!

But exciting news! Keyen was made a District Leader which means he is in charge of all the missionaries in his area and reports things to the zone leaders. If you know Keyen he has mixed feelings about it haha! He doesn't like being told what to do and in his words, "the zone leaders will basically tell me everything I am doing wrong." Oh Keyen!

Anyway here is what Keyen said about the week..

"Hello everyone!! How are you all doing!! I hope all is going good! This week went by very fast! But it was a good week. We had a lot of success with inviting. So we were able to meet with a bunch of new people!! We have a few people right now with a date to be baptized so hopefully we can help prepare them for that date! On pday I went and hung out with some elephants so that was fun! The was this baby elephant and it was soo cute and fun!! We had a Easter activity at the church on Saturday and it went pretty well. Not a whole lot of people came but it was a good way to remember why Easter is so important. Other that that this week was another normal week. Things are getting better here in Surin. we are starting to get the branch moving so hopefully the progress with continue! I love and miss you all!!! "

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