Thursday, April 14, 2016

Water Fight Round 2

"So its been over a week and Ive had a lot to do!! I went to a conference and it was good. I just got some training from Pres. Then I had a good interview with him. After the conference I went back to my area. But then I ended up having to go to a different providence again so I could take one of the Elders in my district to a good hospital. So we stayed the night in a place called Korad. We met up with the members there and they were way cool!:) The elder i went with used to serve in that area so it was good for him to see all his friends. Then after that The water festival started!! Its a three day holiday and its crazy!! Water fights and Loud music everywhere! So its been crazy!! We went out and played in it yesterday with the members and hopefully we will get some more action today!! I also got to watch conference and it was so good! I loved the talks given my Dieter and Henry and of course good old Jeffery! iT WAS AWESOME!! i LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL! YOU ARE IN MY HEART AND PRAYERS!!:)"

Top Gear Moment 

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