Monday, March 9, 2015

First Update from Thailand

Sunday night was pretty exciting. We started getting emails from Keyen around 10:00 PM our time. Thailand is 13 HRS ahead of us. It was so great! Keyen is doing really well. 
If you watched the videos on the Facebook page you saw that Elder Neal's companion is Elder Cooper. He said Elder Copper is awesome! He is very funny and is from Australia. He really likes him and said that since he is in training he will probably be with Elder Copper for about 12 weeks, which is awesome! 
The area Keyen is in right now is called Kamphaeng Phet. It's a small rural area about 250 miles outside of Bangkok. He said that the house he stays in is really nice and they live 2 other elders. He has air conditioning in his bedroom which is good because he said is extremely hot and humid! 
He said that the Thai people are very fascinated by him because he is white and American ha! 
He said he very busy all day every day, but that he likes it because the days go by fast. 
Here's more of what he wrote all of us about his first week...

Ok everyone my first week has been crazy!! I was in Bangkok for two nights:) The first night i just went to the airport to the hotel and crashed! Then the next day i had to do a bunch of boring stuff like blood work and orientation stuff haha. Then on Thursday i got my companion and my area! I chilled with my Comp in Bangkok for a while then At like 9 o'clock we got on a bus and drove 5 hours to get to our area:) The bus was way nice and i just slept the whole way haha:) The next day my companion and i taught a lesson to some members:) The members here are awesome! They all love the church and they all love us missionaries! There is no such thing as a lazy member in this branch! Its not even a branch yet because its so small! But i really like it here! We do a lot of stuff with the members which is fun. Anyway after we taught the members we went and bought me my bike:) One of the members took us to the bike shop and helped us out! So after i got my bike we went inviting at a market for a while:) Then that night we had sports night with the members:) We played dodge-ball and this game called Zombie which is kind of like that game sharks and minnos:) haha so that was fun:) Then we went out to eat with the members and then called it a night! The day after that we went to do some service:) So this guy Bro. Chaang has a ton of banana farms! so he asked us if we would go with him and help him cut down the bananas:) Hes like 60 years old and hes really funny! Hes the same guy who helped me get my bike:) So we went and cut down some bananas for a couple of hours and it was fun! The we were driving home and Bro. Chaang wanted us to talk to this lady whose husband is a member bur her and her kids aren't. So we went there. When we got there She was trying to build this hut thing so elder cooper and i and some members built it for her! It was way fun! We taught her a lesson after and she said she wants us to teach her again!:) So we have a few investigators and they are all awesome! 1 of then I Yammee and her dad. Yammee is 9 and reminders me of Bella! so i want to get her and her dad so bad!! But its been a crazy week!!

I'm so glad he is doing! He looks happy and seems to really love Thailand already!
Keep the love and support coming for Elder Neal!

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